Toilet Training Prerequisite Skills

Rather than focusing on the chronological age of the child we instead look at the related developmental skills and toilet readiness. These are important things that we have found that increase toilet training success and make it much easier for your child and family.

The items below are behavioral indicators that your child is ready and able to begin toilet training. It is not an exhaustive list, but skills that should be considered.

**1. Can follow simple 1-2 step instructions **

It is important that your child can follow simple instructions, such as “sit down”, “wash hands”, “pants down” when you ask them to. If they don’t follow instructions or challenging behaviour is a barrier to their success, then this is an important area to address to minimize tears during toilet training

**2. Will sit on the toilet **

Your child should be happy to go into the bathroom and sit on an open toilet without a nappy.

**3. Can get on the toilet independently **

To increase independence, your child will need to be able to get on and off the toilet by themselves.

**4. Has a reliable way to tell an adult that they need to go to the toilet **

To increase independence, your child needs a reliable way to indicate that they need to go to the toilet. This may include vocally, pulling parent or using augmentative and alternative communication (ACC) such as sign language, a speech generating device or PECS.

**5. Can pull their pants down **

Your child needs to be able to pull their pants down to their ankles

If there are any skills that your child does not demonstrate yet, the we would recommend a ‘Readiness Consult’ prior to commencing toilet training with one of our Behaviour Consultants. Contact for more information.