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Toilet Training

We offer intensive, individualised research based toilet training programs. We can either provide you with the plan to implement or can even get the process well under way (often even completed!) during an intensive in-home session.

  1. In the home
    Have a professional toilet trainer in your home for the 1-2 day toilet training process
  2. Over the phone Get an individualized toilet training plan for your child, solutions to toilet training challenges, and text & phone support throughout the process. ​

How long does it take to toilet train a child?

Every child is different, so there are no guarantees. We suggest allocating 1-3 intensive days to the process. This extra period can be useful to provide the extra practice that children may need and our customized plan will take you through the steps to ensure that your child maintains this new skill.

Why use a toilet training service?

This service is designed for parents who are overwhelmed with the conflicting information about the best way to toilet train their child or are finding it very difficult to toilet train their child. We also will train and encourage the parents to a part of the process and learn a variety of positive parenting skills (not just toilet training!).

When should you begin toilet training?

It depends! Rather than focusing on the chronological age of the child we instead look at the related developmental skills and toilet readiness. If your child isn’t ready for toilet training yet, we can make additional recommendations to help your child develop the skills they need for toilet training.

Do you provide services for children with additional needs?

Yes! This is our specialty. We can toilet train all children who are exhibiting signs or readiness and fulfill our prerequisite requirement for toilet training. Depending on the child’s needs, additional day may be beneficial. We also recommend that you look at the other services we offer, including EIBI.