Two-Day Advanced PFA/SBT Workshop with Dr Greg Hanley in Sydney, Australia

Super Kids Behavioural Consulting is pleased to announce that we will host a two-day workshop with Dr Greg Hanley for Australian professionals in September 2024. The workshop will be a hybrid event. It will be hosted in person at the University of Technology, Sydney, and live streamed (please note the event will not be recorded).

Tickets are now on sale for this incredible workshop with Dr. Greg Hanley, until sold out! 

Early bird price for the first 100 attendees.

About the Two-Day Advanced PFA/SBT Workshop

The two-day advanced workshop will focus on supporting improved behaviour and relationships for individuals with disabilities who display behaviours of concern. Dr Hanley will describe his advancements in practical functional assessment and skill-based treatment model, with an emphasis on safe, person-centred, and trauma-informed approaches for addressing behaviours of concern.

What makes this advanced workshop different to the introductory course?

This workshop will be designed for clinicians with theoretical or practical experience with the PFA and SBT process, as this will be assumed knowledge and it is important that all attendees get the most out of the experience.

What will be covered in this workshop

Day One – Saturday 21st September:

The latest iteration of the skill-based treatment process will be conveyed through lectures, interactive discussions, and application exercises. This workshop will emphasise the procedures for maximising the safety, televisibility, and shared rapport of the process. Teaching contextually appropriate behaviour following the shaping of communication and toleration repertoires will be described in detail. The knowledge of skill-based treatment will then be applied to specific learners in this part of the workshop. Dr Hanley will emphasise the values at the forefront of this compassionate and collaborative ABA approach along with the sequence of steps in therapeutic processes aimed at improving relationships en route to addressing problem behaviour.

Day Two – Sunday 22nd September:

The morning session will focus on Stereotypy Assessment and Treatment Process.  Stereotypy Assessment and Treatment process include capitalising on the reinforcing nature of stereotypy, teaching the appropriate times and places for stereotypy to occur, and teaching language, social, leisure, and academic skills that may eventually eclipse interfering forms of stereotypy. This workshop will discuss the conditions under which stereotypy should and should not be treated and the critical aspects of humane and effective treatments will be emphasised. Treatments that (a) capitalise on the reinforcing nature of stereotypy, (b) teach the appropriate times and places for stereotypy to occur, (c) yield language, social, leisure, and academic skills that may eventually eclipse interfering forms of stereotypy, and (d) are preferred by the person receiving the treatment will be described.

In the afternoon, there will also be opportunities for attendees to have a clinical case review and share this with the audience. Applications for the opportunity to present will open in July.

Early bird price for the first 100 attendees until sold out.

In-Person: Two-Day Advanced PFA/SBT Workshop

  • Early bird in-person price: $499 + GST
  • Regular in-person price: $549 + GST

Online: Two-Day Advanced PFA/SBT Workshop

  • Early bird online price:  $499 + GST
  • Regular online price: $549 + GST

What will I get out of the workshop?

Opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded clinicians who are also interested in PFA/SBT and Todays ABA.

Both days will be fully catered for, with 2 tea breaks and a one hour lunch break.

BCBAs and CBAs will be eligible for 13 CEUs for participation in this two-day workshop. To be eligible for CEUs, attendees must sign in, sign out on both days, and be present for the whole workshop. Super Kids Behavioural Consulting will provide CEU certificates to eligible attendees following the workshop. This is included in the price of the workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

This two-day Advanced PFA/SBT Workshop is for anyone who supports children and young people with behaviours of concern and has completed a minimum of the 2-day online or in-person workshop or has a Level 1 credential. This is not suitable for clinicians who have no experience or training in the PFA/SBT process. You may choose to do this additional training prior to the workshop in September. You must submit proof of competency when purchasing a ticket or 48 hours prior to the event. 

Clinician’s it is suitable for, 

  • ABA therapists
  • Support Workers
  • Certified Behaviour Analysts
  • Developmental Educators
  • Behaviour Support Practitioners
  • Positive Behaviour Support Coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Pathologists

Who is presenting the workshop?

Gregory Hanley, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA

Dr. Hanley is the owner, founder and CEO of FTF Behavioral Consulting. He has been applying the principles of learning to improve socially important behaviours of children and adults with and without disabilities for 35 years. 

Dr. Hanley is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Div. 25), past Associate Editor of The Behavior Analyst, and past Editor of Behavior Analysis in Practice and of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. He has published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals and several book chapters primarily focused on the assessment, treatment, and prevention of problem behavior and sleep problems, teaching strategies for developing life skills, and empirically-derived values for practitioners.

Dr. Hanley currently advises doctoral candidates as a Research Professor at WNEU and leads FTF Behavioral, the international training and consulting group based in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Who is Super Kids?

Super Kids Behavioral Consulting stands at the forefront of Applied Behaviour Analysis in Australia and is committed to making ongoing positive contributions to the lives of children and their families. We are a paediatric behaviour consultation service based in Gladesville, Sydney, who travel throughout the lower north shore and inner west to provide accessible home-based or in-centre ABA therapy to assist children from the ages of 18 months to 12 years. 

We pride ourselves on:

  • A values-first approach – We deploy the safest and most effective therapy for developmental disorders. We seek to reduce distress, discomfort & teach from joy. Trust, rapport and safety are foremost during any intervention.
  • Child-centered programs – All programs are individualised and no cookie cutter approach
  • Must-Have skills – We teach kids how to learn and prioritise skills that will enhance their quality of life
  • Mobile and in-centre services provided at Super Kids HQ in Gladesville, Sydney
  • Neurodiversity-affirming programs –  strengths-based framework, provide support and intervention that affirm your child’s neurodivergent identity, and focus on functional outcomes.
  • Ongoing professional development and leading the way with the most up to date and evidenced based approaches to serve our clients and staff


If this sounds like you or you’d love to join our team, check out our careers page to learn more about vacant positions we currently have open. 

Workshop Itinerary

Saturday, September 21, 2024

9:00am - 9:25am: Registration

9:30am-5:30pm: Workshop

Sunday, September 22, 2024

8:30am-4:30pm: Workshop

*Please note the variation in start times across the two days to accommodate interstate travel. 


  • Location: Hybrid course
  • In-person: University of Technology (UTS), Sydney, 15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007
  • Online Access via Zoom (please note that this is a live events and that this will not be recorded)

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Early bird price for the first 100 attendees until sold out.

In-Person: Two-Day Advanced PFA/SBT Workshop

  • Early bird in-person price: $499 + GST
  • Regular in-person price: $549 + GST

Online: Two-Day Advanced PFA/SBT Workshop

  • Early bird online price:  $499 + GST
  • Regular online price: $549 + GST

0422 457 363

9/56 Buffalo Rd, Gladesville NSW , 2111

0422 457 363

9/56 Buffalo Rd, Gladesville NSW , 2111

Super Kids acknowledges each individual’s personal preference to use identity-first or person-first language to describe themselves or their loved one. We interchangeably use both language conventions and therefore refer to both Autistic children and children with Autism.