Sleep Solutions Course

If you are unsure if an intense, individualised sleep plan is suitable for your child and you would like to learn more about the foundations of sleep at your own pace, consider our Sleep Solutions course for Autistic children. 

Get your child’s sleep sorted with our online, self-paced Sleep Solution courses for your Autistic child. We will cover sleep foundations from bedtime to morning wake-ups and everything in between! Our course will provide you with the basics on general sleep needs so you can build healthy sleep habits at home.

When you enroll in our Online Sleep Courses, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources to support your journey towards better sleep. Our courses include instructional videos, step-by-step guides, interactive modules, and downloadable materials. If you want more individualised support, you may also consider our  intensive in-home or online Sleep Solutions consultation. Learn more about these services here

Our Online Sleep Courses is led by experienced professionals who specialise in sleep disorders, Applied Behaviour Analysis and autism. Learn more about our Behavioural Sleep Specialist, Anita. With her expertise, we provide evidence-based strategies and practical advice that are proven to be effective in improving sleep quality and quantity for autistic children. We understand that every child is different, and our courses offer guidance, taking into account your child’s specific needs and challenges.

Sleep Solution Courses


  • 6 modules to help you learn about why sleep is important, what healthy sleep habits are and how to introduce them, and how to get back on track with sleep when you need to!
  • These courses are best suited for neurodivergent children specifically autism, ADHD, global developmental delay or intellectual disability but also for neurotypical children. 
  • Sleep Handbook: A downloadable booklet for you to design individualised sleep habits and routines for your child, based on our course information.
  • 7 extra free downloads!
  • Video, audio and written content.
  • 2 Months access: so you can refresh your knowledge





2+ Years




What you’ll learn

  • Why we sleep
  • What is healthy sleep
  • Bedroom set-up do’s and don’ts
  • Designing a bedtime routine
  • How to know if your child is getting enough sleep
  • Staying asleep overnight
  • What is a sleep diary and how to use it
  • Common barriers to sleep success and how to overcome them
  • Decision making checklists 
  • What to do next

Sleep Solution Course

AUD $199

Sleep Solution Courses


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0422 457 363

9/56 Buffalo Rd, Gladesville NSW , 2111

Super Kids acknowledges each individual’s personal preference to use identity-first or person-first language to describe themselves or their loved one. We interchangeably use both language conventions and therefore refer to both Autistic children and children with Autism.